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She was like a firework, too beautiful to last


A personal mix for these two idiots in love.

What's missing:
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
I've been feeling everything from hate to love from love to lust from lust to truth I guess that's how I know you
All of The Stars by Ed Sheeran
You were lying next to me I looked across and fell in love So I took your hand back through the lamp-lit streets and knew, everything led back to you
Roman Holiday by Halsey
Could you imagine the taste of your lips if we never tried to kiss on the drive to Queen's Cause I imagine the weight of your ribs if you lied between my hips in the backseat
Photograph by Ed Sheeran
I'll remember how you kissed me under the lamppost back on 6th street hearing you whisper through the phone Wait for me to come home

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