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Good morning, Post-Apocalyptica


Maybe it was zombies or World War III, an evil alien race or global warming. It doesn't matter, now the world is all dust and loneliness. You're one of the last survivors, finding clean water is a hard job and at night you have to fight mutants and bandits.
But life's good, somehow, and when the sun goes up in the morning, all yellow behind the fog, this is your soundtrack for surviving another day. Because you're super cool.


11 tracks
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@xValkyx Hey, thanks! Oh, and I'm aware it's by Gorillaz (i own all their albums ;), but DkpuU seems to be the person who uploaded the song to Soundcloud. I was too lazy to upload my own version, so I took that one as 8tracks gives you the possibility to use songs already uploaded to Soundcoud instead of uploading your own songs which is nice since the upload function is kinda buggy sometimes ;).

After months of being on 8tracks I've never left a comment, but this playlist is just amazing; my new favourite for sure!

Wow thank you! It's nice to hear that people enjoy this mix as much as I do. Doesn't it just give you that post-apocalyptic feeling? That feeling that you're part of something huge, that you can survive everything? (It at least helps me clean up my flat and to be honest, it sometimes looks like a bomb exploded ;)

Yeah I thought a lot of Fallout while making that tracklist. It just has such a perfect post-apocalyptic atmosphere.
I don't know about the genre as well (8tracks makes them automatically), I guess it's because some of the songs are intros or ending songs of animes...