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so many thoughts yet so little words


you're the only person i want to fall asleep next to. you make my heart race. there is no other way to explain these feelings, so i'll say them through music.

  • Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
  • I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU WHITNEY! by Ayanna Soulfulrose Joseph
  • Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars
  • Goodbye cover by tairesvp
  • Sleeping At Last By Turning Pages by Desire020209
  • The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script
  • Sia (nnR) by Breathe Me
  • "We Live" Cover (download) by Superchick
  • Bright Lights and Cityscapes (Sara Bareiles Cover) by Laura-Clark
  • Heart Of Stone (Breaking Dawn Soundtrack) by Iko
10 tracks
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