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hey.. i know it's late.. but..

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Hey there! Listen this might be a little weird but I really need your help. I am cook and I'm having this super fancy dinner in two weeks, which I've been planning for about a month now, I really want to set the mood to be relax and the first thing that popped in my head was this playlist, however my event is a 9 course dinner so I need more than 9 songs on the playlist, I've tried to found something like yours but i really haven't been succesful so here is where you come in :) I was wondering if maybe you could upload a 2 and a half hour playlist like this one to be played specially for my dinner? I understand if you are busy or can't do it but if you are in I would be very grateful (: thank you either way!

@charliesphere Wow, I'm so honored man! :D I'll see if I can add more songs to this playlist or make an entirely new one that is 2 and a half hours long (maybe comprising of the songs included in this one).

@catsfuton Aw! Now I'm honored that you are honored :D haha but seriously thank you, you are awesome (: regarding the playlist, how ever works best for you, it's really ok. If you need anything please in contact me (:

@charliesphere hey as i add songs could you take a listen and see if the songs gel? i'm trying to keep the feel of the playlist as much as possible. ^^

@catsfuton Hey! thank you very much for going through all this trouble! I'm sure the dinner is going to be a hit! We want that groove of the lyrics blending with the music and I think you are doing great, I promise I'll show you how the dinner went! And as we say here in my country muchos thank yous! haha