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❁*·stay strong❁*·


whatever shit that you have to face rn, i swear you will get through it. please just stay strong. below and in the mixtape cover are some reasons to live. i love you all and im always here to talk (kik:idklorin)

1.your family, friends and loved ones
2.singing in the shower
3.your favorite bands/musicians new albums
4.laughing so much your stomach hurts
5.that amazing slice of pizza
6.listening to the love of your life laugh
7.loud music
8.feeling geniunly happy
9.for me
10. that moment when you look up at your celing, 10 years later and whisper 'i made it'

9 tracks
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@22h14 im not amazing, im just a girl whos gone through a lot and personally i know music helped me get through hard times and i want to be able to help other people, even if its through an 8tracks playlist. thank you though, that means the world