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George Orwell's 1984

6 comments on George Orwell's 1984

Is this 'Crash course' person actually on something?? He doesn't even know the simplest items ie the surnames. He claims that 'Smith' implies a 'metal worker' WTF does this person know anything about UK society?? Evidently not. Smith is a very common name. The protagonist is a ordinary man that any reader can relate to. If this expert had bothered they could have referred to demob culture and the UK social culture and how Winston is portrayed as a lower middle/upper working class person which allows a large segment of the audience to be able to see themselves in Winston. I would suggest that this expert before commenting on 1984 has a quick peep at eg 'The road to Wigan Pier' or even Orwell's 'Why I write'. This literary person is leading you into their own world off N American prejudice and ignoring the author. As well as being frankly ignorant of basic UK culture.