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There's nothing like the Christmas season


The holidays are finally here and there's nothing better than Christmas music. So have some hot cocoa, hot apple cider, peppermint mochas, turn on the christmas lights, sit by the fireplace, and snuggle in warm blankets; its never to early to grab a yummy warm drink, sit down, curl up, and enjoy the cold winter days. Have a wonderful holiday season, it truly is the greatest time of year.
Seventeen tracks including music by Martina McBride, Julianne Hough, and Taylor Swift.

15 tracks
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i love your descriptions of your mixes and best of your description of life on your page....and no wonder! you're Filipino..lmao i am not,but for some reason i get along instantly with any Filipino that i work with and it's a good thing cuz i work with a lot! they are great listeners,very sympathetic,silly and are GREAT at giving and receiving advice...much love and live strong!