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Little Lion Man


Because sometimes you just want to cry over Jack Zimmerman with appropriately sad music in the background okay

but then it gets too sad so half the mix ends up being comfort songs. kind of.

Cover art: http://omgcheckplease.tumblr.com/post/58473177144

8 tracks
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For some reason it wouldn't let me hear most of the songs :( I looked up some of them on youtube once it showed some of the titles, though. "East" has broken me straight in half.

@jenesaispourquoi Damn, really? It seems to be working on my end, hm. I'm glad you still got to listen to some of the songs though! East is the best/worst Jack song I could ever find oh man oh man oh man

I was already in tears at the first song (and I mean that LITERALLY oh gosh he set out to rule the world with a paper shield and a wooden sword I'm weeping). such a beautiful interpretation of Jack, crystallised all my sadness about his character into music, I'm so ridiculously EMOTIONAL. thank you for such a perfect mix!!

@tallisparty eeee thank you! I think that first song was one which really screamed JACK ZIMMERMANN at me, and then all these other songs started to relate and I was like oh no, oh no it's happening. I'm glad you agree and that you enjoyed it :)