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The Secrets Out... oh well


This mix consists of songs that I and most people wouldn't admit to liking or jamming out to. Old and some new songs. Oh and there are songs that you just wanna sing with all your energy and soul. Theres Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Disney songs and much much more. A little bit of everything, hope you enjoy.

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175 tracks
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I legit cried when 'Stand Out' started playing, and I apologize beforehand for flooding the comments I just need to vent the feels out of my system, sorry

I'm currently in too deep into the Kpop fandom, but I literally gave myself a pat on the back for being able to sing along to most of the songs, and thank you, too, as there are some songs I never learnt the titles of, but this playlist handed them out to me, so thanks. Really amazing, too