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Go Hardwell, or go home!


Last night, I was at IamHardwell at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I've never experienced such an intense and great performance. We were standing there first row in the exact middle, so we experienced everything very closely.

NEWEST MIX: http://8tracks.com/ceesvanderheide/keep-on-ravin

Hope you guys enjoy it. Favorite and subscribe, like Hardwell said: Spread The Love!!!

15 tracks
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Well I have had some e-mail contact with the 8tracks crew, and they told me I wasn't allowed to have more than 2 songs from one particular artist (This Hardwell playlist contains 15 Hardwell tracks, but okay)
The only thing I could do was to remove as much tracks as needed in order to have a maximum of 2 songs per artist. This will ruin the whole concept of '100 amazing house tracks'.
I think I won't be posting any more playlists because every single one I make will probably go across the limit of 2 songs.
'100 amazing house tracks' is gone and won't return, unless you guys manage to do it, mail them at contact@8tracks.com
The download link to the 100 tracks mix is still available: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wi3gnqainnhttlc/vw7D0qQi3h
Thanks for all your support