So, one of my "party tricks," if you can call it that, is the ability to spend a little time with someone and then put together a playlist that that person will describe as "fits me to a T!" or "I looooove these songs" or "how come I never knew of these songs!" Friends who know this about me always drag someone over saying "spend five minutes with her and then ask her for a playlist." I make snap opinions/judgments/guesses on how human behaviors and social interactions evidence one's tastes and personalities and, then, how those things MAY show one's musical predilections. I generally imagine myself in their shoes with them: what would we listen to while we work? while we read a book? while we fold laundry? while we take the car for a drive just to enjoy the wind through the window? Which is why you'll see "we" in my annotations descriptions more often than not.

Smh. It's fun for me. It gives me a reason to spend hours with my music, finding new music, musicmusicmusic. I don't know how it works out that people love the lists. Orrrr maybe I just have a "universal" taste in music in that what I like, everyone likes or I like what everyone else likes? Who knows. When asked why, I say "reasons." Musical reasons.

So, I thought why not try this with celebrities for fun. I mean, I literally spend 5 minutes with people for my "party trick," during which we are meeting for the first time. And when people meet for the first time they are invariably "on," no? Similarly, I create these tracklists based not on the celebrity's acting roles but on a 5, 10, 15-minute googling of their interviews/TV appearances/etc., when they're likely "on" as would a person who I'm meeting for the first time. I will most likely choose actors given the breadth of material available for them.

Again, just for fun. I don't know these people. I don't want to know these people. And, no, I'm not trying to "say something" through the song titles or lyrics. I generally try to annotate each song to offer some explanation as to why I included it. Sometimes I don't. It's about how the music makes me feel that this person would like it. Not that YOU would like it or that I would like it (tho, if it's in my library, I probably by definition like it). I don't know, I don't know how else to explain the method to the madness.

Oh! I also take playlists down often to refresh with new music, so if there's one that you liked that's no longer up, it will be back up again! (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)