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Talk Revolution to me, Baby


A mix for the wonderful Les Miserables modern au fic Talk revolution to me, baby (found here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/34518) by the wonderfully talented http://whitequeentheory.tumblr.com.

Awesome cover art is by jen-suis.tumblr.com

If you want to see a track list or pick my brain on why I chose these songs, my tumblr is: http://unpeubrillante.tumblr.com

I tried to put more Lana del Rey but they only let you choose 2 songs. Sigh.


12 tracks
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Thank you very much!! Sorry it took so long for me to reply :0. I also really wanted to add Off to the Races by Lana, and was also considering Video Games. And after listening to some of her new album, I think Shades of Cool could also be a good fit :)