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Celioski's Indietronic Mix #28


I dedicate my playlist this week to my country, Venezuela. As many must know, we are going through a deep crisis. If you still don't know much, I ask you to please learn about our situation. Here's an article that might help you understand http://bit.ly/1cEC0cZ

This is a weekly playlist of Indie Electronic, Nu Disco and Alternative Dance. If you enjoy the music, please give me a like and subscribe :)

9 tracks
2 comments on Celioski's Indietronic Mix #28

Your playlists are all so amazing!!! I love love love what you're putting out there, thank you so much for your good taste and continued efforts!!

Muchas gracias man, no estuvo fácil con como está el país, pero sentí que podía armarlo a la vez que mostraba respeto y admiración por todos los que están hoy día en las calles luchando por nuestra libertad y mejor futuro.

Gracias por escuchar! :)