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This Divide Between You And I

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Howdy! Noticed that despite my listening and liking this pl a long while back, that I didn't left a review or comment. So now, I'mma do it!:3 I'm just one of the many readers/fans of the story you made this pl for. Although I'm not brave enough to leave my words thru reviews I just wanted to say that what you made is AMAZING!! Stupendous~ And so many other wonderful words of praise that you may have heard alrdy, but that's how I honestly feel. So whenever I'm listening to this I'm reminded that even when it's over, I'll still have these feelings, memories, and tunes to go back to when it's long past many years from now. This is pretty sappy but, thank-you for making this pl of songs of the wonderful story you created. And thanks for just existing 'cos it was comforting to know back then that I wasn't the only one who saw them like that. (^_^)b