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A mix for sadness, and fatigue, and the melancholia and that coats your skin like a plague. A mix for resentment and upset, and repressed feelings that burst from your sinew like broken dams. A mix for heartache and hurt, for resentment and upset.

A mix to cry your heart out to.

10 tracks
8 comments on melancholic

I really love all of your mixes it's crazy! Please keep up the amazing work!
oh and also, is the text under "salt skin" written by you? it's magic.

wowza, thank-you so so incredibly much, m'friend!

i'm honestly so very happy that you like them, and it's the biggest compliment in the world to hear others enjoy your music as much as you do.
yes, i wrote the description for "salt skin". aww, thank-you, you lovely human being<3