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the show must go on


A fanmix in four parts for the lions of Casterly Rock. For a dynasty galloping towards extinction on the back of a horse called vengeance. For victories that taste of treason. For cruelty that leaves a sweet aftertaste. For hidden love, for lost love, for agonizing love. For siblings, fathers, daughters and sons of the Rock. For family.

(For Suzy.)

1 to 7: Tywin Lannister
8 to 14: Cersei Lannister
15 to 21: Jaime Lannister
22 to 28: Tyrion Lannister

26 tracks
2 comments on the show must go on

so it took me two days to listen to this whole thing, but it's been the best investment of my spare time since -- forever. very, very good job - the cover is great and all of the songs are so perfect. i love e v e r y section, but special special cookies to you for tywin and jaime's sections. (and cercei's and tyrion's, come on, they're all brilliant).