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I don't wanna be everybody's nobody at all

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Thanks for listening :-) my email is hook.blair@gmail.com send me a note if you want and I will happily send you some music mail. SUCH a great song...that band is going to do great things.

ah, just found it online! ya, is such a good band, 1st i've heard of them. & if you're ever bored and happy to send music mail i would never turn that down haha justine.ivan@hotmail.ca for nights you can't sleep and want to send music out of boredom =P

I was all set to email you a song today...and now I can't find your email address! Am I imagining things, or did it disappear?? I demand a new music pen pal and I demand it NOW! Twitter me maybe @blairhook ....since apparently email addresses are FROWNED upon here