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the classics

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I love love love the concept of this playlist, but you're missing a few years in the mid-2000s! This leaves me feeling a little incomplete. If I'm not being too brass, I would suggest adding a couple songs from SS501, 1Tym, Lee HyoRi, Se7en, Jewelry, or BoA (Girls on Top is my personal favorite by BoA, and it came out in 2005)! Otherwise, this playlist is flawless~ Please keep up the good work! As I am a fan of older k-pop, you have a favorite from me! ^^

@chogeums thank you! i was pretty young and not into kpop back in the early 2000s so i dont know many songs from that era, but i will definitely try to add some more songs, and i appreciate your suggestions!! if you have any particular songs youd want added, just let me know! ill try to improve this playlist, thanks a lot! ^_^