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party like it's 2009


the year of the gee virus.
the year boa and se7en promoted in the usa.
the year that girl groups dominated the charts.
the year wonder girls toured with the jonas brothers.
the year that made kpop such an international success.

welcome to 2009 kpop

57 tracks
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Holy shit I'm only like 5 songs in but it's perfect so far. I'm honestly SUPER picky about my kpop playlists and I'm not even kidding when I say that this is the second or third kpop playlist I've actually liked. When I heard the instrumental intro to the Outsider I was blown away. I was like 'THERE'S NO WAY THERE'S AN OUTSIDER SONG IN HERE HOLY SHIT????????' so yeah after that, this playlist can do no wrong. I got into kpop in 2009 and I honestly don't keep up with new releases, so I definitely feel like it's easier for me to relate to this playlist