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okay, this is one of the best (i mean there aren't many, but it tops the others) theon mixes i have ever heard. you did a marvellous job picking the songs

AHAHA YES i basically just made an acount so i could comment on ur mix (thoough i'm trying to think of some possible mixes now) and i couldn't think of a url off the top of my head

well, I tagged it folk because at least half the songs fit into that genre or a subset of it. fst stands for fan soundtrack, aka a mix made by a fan for a book/show/movie/character, which this is. as most of my mixes are, though you don't need to know the inspiration to enjoy them. and the other three tags because it's inspired by theon greyjoy of the a song of ice and fire books, tracking the key moments in his story through all five of them. each song was chosen with that in mind and each note is a reference to the particular part of his story we're up to in the magical musical mystery tour.