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Look Back At Me

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Josh Groban is a great choice for this mix! Michael Buble is also fantastic - really all this stuff is! Unfortunately, the first track, with Richard Armitage, and December, by Norah Jones, are both not working. Just FYI.

You paired the soundtrack from "Black Beauty" (my favourite book & film) to the proposal scene from one of the most exquisitely written works of all time. Utter, sweet, soul-plunging perfection.

wait, sorry, that came out weird and randomly deleted a load of the middle of my message??? ANYWAY, it was MEANT TO SAY: oh my goodness, I've only just started listening to this mix, but it's already beautiful! As soon as I hit play and 'Don't Go' came on I was like *oh* because *this sounds exactly how North & South feels* ahhhhhhhh

Love love love. I am just in the middle of writing my essay on North and South so I had to have some inspiring music in the background. This one worked perfectly, it captures the changes happening throughout the novel very well. Thanks and well done! :) x

@Ninuska Oh my goodness, thank you! I actually made the playlist while I was writing my own essay on the novel! It was somewhat a form of procrastination, but it helped get me through writing it ^^