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Look Back At Me

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wait, sorry, that came out weird and randomly deleted a load of the middle of my message??? ANYWAY, it was MEANT TO SAY: oh my goodness, I've only just started listening to this mix, but it's already beautiful! As soon as I hit play and 'Don't Go' came on I was like *oh* because *this sounds exactly how North & South feels* ahhhhhhhh

Love love love. I am just in the middle of writing my essay on North and South so I had to have some inspiring music in the background. This one worked perfectly, it captures the changes happening throughout the novel very well. Thanks and well done! :) x

@Ninuska Oh my goodness, thank you! I actually made the playlist while I was writing my own essay on the novel! It was somewhat a form of procrastination, but it helped get me through writing it ^^

This mix gives off a wonderful vibe... the track with Thornton's proposal was awesome, by the way. Thank you for sharing!