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Chanante Mix-tape #4 (November 2013)

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Chanante Mix-tape #4 (November 2013) is currently not streamable. Learn More.


Epical and decadent as a golden dirty tootbrush.

  • Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z
  • Hey, Asshole by Watsky ft. Kate Nash
  • And We Danced Prod. By Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, SHNO by Macklemore
  • I Shoulda Tried Harder by BigWax
  • Stop Pretending by Patrick Lehman
  • Exit Spoiler by BLACK_BOTTLE_RIOT
  • Make Things Happen by Birth Of Joy
  • We Want Blood! by Peter Pan Speedrock
  • The Little Things by BLACK_BOTTLE_RIOT
9 tracks
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