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my favourite instrumentals


little collection of my favourite instrumental tracks. mostly from movie scores, but with some other stuff mixed in. enjoy!

17 tracks
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The Wheel/Treegap and Comptine D'un Autre e'te' L'Apr'es-Midi are my favorites so far! Also, One Summer's Day. The Theme Song from Tuck Everlasting wouldn't play, but I loved the book! Thank you so much for making the time to create this mix so people like me can listen to it. Instrumentals that are not boring and not too wild help me study SO much!! Thanks!

...AND Kisses and Cake, and Concerning Hobbits! So many good songs in this mix! Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi... Who doesn't love him?!?! The Hours. Wow! Metamorphosis. Wow! Return of the King. Wow! King of Pride Rock-are you kidding me? Seriously, soooo good!!!

every song in this mix reminds me of my childhood. I watched all theses movies growing up. this was wonderful thanks :)