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"I Think There's Just One Kind of Folks. Folks."

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Taken from rumple:

8tracks Challenge:
Title must be a quote from (one of) yr favorite books
No repeat bands/artists.
1. A song from the '60s that would frighten yr parent(s)
2. A song from the '80s dealing with love (or the lack thereof)
3. A song from a band/artist named after an animal (the word animal does not count)
4. A song from a band/artist whose name begins with 'G'
5. A song about childhood
6. An instrumental song that is less than 5 minutes long
7. A song from a band/artist from any country other than yr own
8. A song where, were it a perfect world would be all over the radio and blasting out of car speakers everywhere, saving the world from banality (but is not)
9. A song from a band/artist that none of yr friends like BUT you cherish all the same
10. A song under 2 minutes long that is NOT hardcore or trad. punk
11. A song from yr "secret weapon" band (a band you love dearly who to the best of yr knowledge is only loved by you and the mere thought of uploading their song onto 8tracks fills you with dread because this band might get stolen from you by anonymous interweb phantoms)
12. A cover song that outshines the original
13. A song about vice(s)
14. Yr fav MJ song
15. Any song