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Forsaken: A Vanessa Ives Mix.


You've been forsaken, cast out by God with the Devil tempting you. Prince of Lies (Father of Lies) whispered to you so sweetly, spinning a web of fine poetry. Ne'er again, you swore to yourself while chasing ghosts. Haunted, you are a vessel. They call you the Mother of Evil, but you stray from this image. You are a hurricane of madness, a selfish soul starved of love. A golden girl slips through your fingers with you sinking deeper into torment, my dear Miss Ives.

  • cousins of the antichrist-homely by 02-chelsea wolfe
  • 02 Haunted by Poe Grooves
  • Heart of Steel by Lykke Li
  • I Died With You by Chelsea Wolfe
  • Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash
  • Remember Me (feat. Roger Berruezo) by Ivan Torrent
  • The Rose With The Broken Neck (feat. Jack White) by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
  • Smother by Daughter
8 tracks
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