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S A N C T O R U M.

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( n. ) A sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church.

A playlist dedicated to Judge Claude Frollo and Cisbent!Esmeralda.

See annotations for details. Cover art by juliajm15 on deviantart.

  • 'Belly of the Beast' single by Gazelle Twin
    ' God help the outcasts, ' you sing in this bless'd cathedral. Sanctuary, you claimed. The longer you stay, the more you fade & the less of you that remains. He's trapped you here. That beast of a man. { I'm stuck in the Belly of the Beast. }
  • Burn by Gryffin
    You burn him with your eyes & he burns your people, this city. Should you continue, you will burn your ways to H E L L. { & we're burning one hell of a SOMETHING. }
  • Dust Hymn by Purity Ring
    You spin a web at the Festival, luring everyone in with your hypnotic dance. He leans forward, wide-eyed & slack-jawed. & you smile, because power corrupts absolutely & men like him fall always. { Dear, lie still along my old web, cursed by your dust-filled head. }
  • Furnace Room Lullaby by Neko Case
    Neither of you can breath with smoke in your throats. You sit on his lap during the Festival & dub him a fool before Parisians gaping in wonder. He wants you broken, but you will not break. { I twisted you under & under to BREAK you; I just couldn't breathe with your THRONE on my chest. }
  • Halfsleeper by Chelsea Wolfe
    JUSTICE. SILENCE. What does it M E A N?! { All the things we yell don't mean a thing when we're spinning out of darkened meadow wind. }
  • Kings by Chelsea Wolfe
    God no longer hears him when he bemoans to Beata Maria. This fire will turn him to SIN. & you, boy, will become a KING. { Lost upon the lonesome winds, the voice of GOD despairing him. }
  • Seven Devils by Florence + the Machine
    He has the HOLY WATER, but you have the torch. You bide your time with a knowing stare. { See, I've come to BURN your kingdom DOWN. }
  • Mirah Special Death by Ashtonpowell
    You are water & he is stone. You will erode his soul & corrode him absolutely. Your are holy when he is not. { The thankless holy praise is left alone. Why bother to cast a stone in water? }
  • 100 Knives by oaksandroses
    He tried to kill you with all the King's horses & all the King's men. He even uses the fork, the Devil's pyre to pull you under. You will not bow. { You were trying to kill me with one hundred knives. }
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