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Greetings from Arcadia Bay (LiS inspired playlist)


a playlist for when you miss time-travelling with your best friend aka partner-in-time. a playlist for a walk on the beach of arcadia bay.

songs inspired by the wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack of life is strange

♡ enjoy!!! ♡


(tracklist: )

((i do not own any of the songs and i gain no profit from this or any of my other uploads. all rights go to their respective owners.))

big thank you to sara aka for the help!!!


EDIT: track no.12 "human qualities" moved to no.4

12 tracks
6 comments on Greetings from Arcadia Bay (LiS inspired playlist)

Awesome playlist! I really enjoyed all of the selections. I just finished playing through Life Is Strange and I've become obsessed with the soundtrack, so this is exactly what I was looking for.

@CBwastaken thank you so so much!! that means a lot! i was really worried about that the selection of songs might not match with the feeling of the LiS soundtrack so im really glad you like it!!!

This is amazing. I just got done with a long piece of homework while listening to this in about half an hour. Thank you for this wonderful playlist! ^.^