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The Turks are badass. They seem unaffected by the ill acts that they commit on behalf of Shinra. But that lifestyle weighs on you after a while. In Advent Children we see regret from Reno and Rude over their role in the annihilation of the planet; we can presume that killing so many innocents in one fell swoop with the destruction of Sector 7 also didn’t sit right with them. This playlist is an interpretation of progressing from being a new Turk to the ending plight of the planet: The awesomeness of being a Turk, the missions they go on, the eventual daily grind, the destruction of Sector 7, disenchantment with the company and the fact they’re stuck, admitting their fault in what happened, determining the future and learning to cooperate to fix things. And forever and always being badasses

23 tracks
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