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cinematic sunshine


A film is a petrifying fountain of thought.
A film revives lifeless deeds.
A film permits one to give the appearance of reality
to that which is unreal.

-Jean Cocteau

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Granted, I got my BA in Film from a CSU with a film department and not a fancy "film school" but do you know how many people I met there who knew the difference between diegetic & non-diegetic sound? One. ONE. That's all. And only a few Godard fans were to be found as well. A sad state of affairs. Point is: you're good people!

Thanks for the kind words! I've always been a film lover and wish sometimes I'd done a film program at SFSU over the odd inter-disciplinary 'conceptual-art' major...but at least it exposed me to a lot of the dialogue surrounding experimental film and film sound. Also was lucky enough to get into a couple UC extension classes on Godard and his contemporaries...