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A wide array of artists/bands covering and/or collaborating with the Thin White Duke himself, David Bowie. From remixes to duets, Bowie shows just how flexible he can be in terms of changing styles. Also includes Bowie's own covers of various songs.

These amazing collaborations feature Bowie with his own favourites such as Arcade Fire, and more.

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12 tracks
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That was amazing. I haven't head a lot of those, and I usually pride myself on knowing a lot about his later work. Thanks for uploarding--that first song "Nature Boy" is stunning!

@adieuadeer haha this is one of the reasons on why I REALLY wanted to make this fanmix because more ppl need to know about Bowie's lesser known stuff!

Which is why i made it bexause i knew not a lot of ppl know about these. I had more but it wasn't fitting in to the mix. Next time i guess XD