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Power Over Me


A fanmix inspired by the one and only 80s cult classic, Labyrinth.

Focuses on the relationship between Sarah Williams and Jareth, The Goblin King during and after the events of the movie (which depends totally on the listeners).

Fanmix includes songs from Wild Beasts, Florence + The Machine, Woodkid, David Bowie (of course), and many more.

Tracklist order can be seen here

22 tracks
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This is beautiful! Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies and this is just amazing! It captures the feelings of them so well! Will be listening to this over and over again! Thank you so much for your hard work in putting this together!

FANtastic mix! The perfect amount of sophisticated darkness that I oh so adore and need in my Jareth/Sarah fandom. Going to be one of my go to lists for a while now :)

@primalheart aaaah sorry for the late reply! I didn't see any notifications of this! DX Thanks for liking this fanmix! I'm really glad I got that tone right for this fandom!

this is absolutely beautiful(: I thought I was the only one who loved this movie, but I guess not(: you captured everything so perfectly! Wonderful job!!(:

Thanks for liking it! And don't worry! There are LOADS of people who love this brilliant movie! Hell I recently found out that Tom freakin' Hiddleston loves this movie! XD anyways thanks again for liking this! I'm really glad you did!

I can't stop listening to this mix! It's absolutely beautiful, you've captured not just the characters but the whole film perfectly! I've never been a big fan of classical pieces but I'm now in love with all of the ones you've put in here, especially Charms :) Love love love it! Thanks for making it :)

OH WOW! THANKS SO MUCH FOR LIKING IT! I'm really glad that I managed to capture the essence of Labyrinth as a whole as well as the characters because usually I just focus on the characters themselves so it's great that you think so! XD THANKS AGAIN FOR LIKING IT!