Is this playlist safe for work?
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oh my gosh I don't think I've ever had a playlist bring me to tears before, but when Upward over the mountain came on and it kept going mother don't worry I just started bawling. I have to go somewhere less public now so people don't see this emotional break down...

@Melbells307 oh I make myself cry with my own playlists all the time so I'm not really one to be all uppity about getting emotional hehe but I'm glad you liked it (at least I hope you did?) xx

@geiszlers Yes I did like it. I also love your playlist cover. That how style of circle photo overtop a mountain background looks so simple to produce, but in my attempts I've never gotten the background the go with the picture. It always looked a bit off. Kudos to you for the whole awesome package of playlist and cover.

oh don't cry okay please get a nice warm blanket and some tea or whichever hot beverage you prefer and fight that sadness okay darling you got this i believe in you xx

i'm gonna assume it didn't numb at all bc i am a dreadfully cruel person apparently [sets up a support group for victims of sad fanmixes about tragic dwarflings]

it's hella rad but it's super sad too bc you run out of fic in like a few days and then you go back a year later and guess what there's like two new fics and that is just depressing imo