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when darkness turns to light


the fallout of skye discovering that grant's involved with hydra; grant realising he's made a terrible mistake and skye being his light in the darkness to help guide him out because in the end love will always be more powerful than destruction

♡ dedicated to sheridan who is my light in the darkness ♡

22 tracks
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I love this mix!! The fallout between Skye and Ward pretty much killed me. I wanted them together so much, but I still hold out hope that they'll give him a redemption arc that will bring him back to Skye. =(

I don't think Ward's gonna come out if this as a good or not bad guy, there's no excuse for what he did which is a shame. :( I hope he'll get at least some nice ending, I loved his character, his relationship with Skye was getting pretty interesting. Marvel makes me sad, first Loki, then Bucky, now this...
Great mix tho. ^^

what i want is for ward to be doing this because he think he owes garett for "saving" him and because all he's known his whole life is being told what to do by cruel people but this is marvel so who knows they'll probably make things as painful as possible haha! and thank you :)