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Young Dracula

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A mix for pre s5 of Young Dracula.
(Sidenote:in My Happy Ending, the "it's not like we're dead" is just plain irony and was 99.9% intended.)
(Also, Naked was a Will/Ingrid song and HIM is a McAuley/Count one. The rest is all Vlerin.)

  • Fallout (1080p) by Marianas Trench
  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
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  • Three Words, Eight Letters Version 2. Own Composition :"> Hihi by Jade Pitogo
  • Good To You by annieadub
  • Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence
  • The Little One by Jujo1986
  • avril lavigne( trip lang!) :) by Naked
  • Vampire Heart by HIM
8 tracks