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Indien ge met bezonnen hoofd alom beroering kunt aanschouwen,
Paniek en dreiging om u heen met kalme blik kunt gadeslaan;
Indien, waar ànd'ren aan u twijf'len, gij u zèlven kunt vertrouwen,
Maar tòch die twijfel aan uw trouw óók kunt vergeven en verstaan;
Indien ge wachten kunt, het juiste tijdstip met geduld verbeiden,
En, als een lastertong u treft, gij laster slechts met waarheid keert;
Indien, vervolgd door haat, ge tot geen wrokgevoel u laat verleiden,
En daarbij nimmer met uw deugdzaamheid of wijsheid paradeert;

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3 comments on schadenfreude

i stared at the description for the entire playlist trying to figure out what it means help. great songs though, thanks for making this

@what is life~ Ok so - I'm honestly kind of baffeled at this description as well. I have well... two guesses. Immediately I thought it was the poem Als, used at the end of Cry Forum by Mother Mother. I realized, while looking for an english translation of it though, that it was definitely not the case - unless 8tracks screwed some of the germanic letters up or something. My only other guess would be that it's something from the game OFF - but that game is french? and it definitely looks like dutch. who knows. i'll start digging

@what is life~ Nevermind : mystery averted! It's the poem If by Rudyard Kipling, translated by J.M. de Vries de Waal. You can read it here:

@pissbard ahh, okay!! Thanks for taking the time to figure it out ahah, I probably wouldn't have been able to on my own in all honesty. ^^"

good shit mmhmmm perfect for hating myself to. Uh, anyways, nice playlist you've got here!! I like this kind of ambiance.