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Defenders of the Universe: That's what they like to be called.
Full of funk, pop, rock, beats and whatever the hell Coran listens to. So mash up of genres that somehow fit together just like our heroes.
There's a song for each member of the team in here, comments say who, along side some others that fit moments in the show.

12 tracks
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i love this playlist so much, i'm glad i found it!! it fits the characters so well but you can definitely jam to it even if you didn't know anything about voltron just bc it's put together so well haha

i just love this!! these are songs that you can listen to 100 times and not think about what characters they fit, and then someone labels them and they just feel so RIGHT. i also love your commentary in the notes, instead of just putting their names. overall a++ playlist!

This is probably -wait no- DEFINITELY the best playlist I've heard on 8tracks. I love all the songs and how great they blend together just like how the lions combine to perform voltron. kudos to you

@wish i had some jams IM SO LATE IN REPLYING TO YOU BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Honestly, that's what I was going for and I'm just thrilled to hear you say thing, thank you!!