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Sam and Steve's Party Mix


"Dear Sam, I'm sending you this mix for your party tomorrow. In case you're curious, I got permission from Steve to make you two a party mix. Hope you like swing music. Seems like something Steve would be into. Love, Natasha. :*"

In which Sam and Steve are moving to DC and Natasha is making them a goodbye mix for their party. Sam said he was going to let Steve pick the music since he was so picky, Natasha talked Steve into letting her choose.

In which I really wanted to make an electro swing mix anyway and it might as well have a theme.

Based off of Chapter 9:

10 tracks
4 comments on Sam and Steve's Party Mix

Wow, this playlist is amazing! I have never listened to electro swing, but this is perfect! I can totally imagine Steve jamming to it at free time >w>