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in between your Teeth


Once upon in 1932 Ukraine, at the rising peak of the Holodomor, a little boy’s hands became tainted when he devoured his own sister in a final act of (selfish) survival. This is the Case regarding the ‘Changing of Yosyp Shevchenko’, a little starved boy who ate out of Saint Mary’s flesh & drank out of martyr’s blood. A little boy whose own crown was woven out of dead man’s ashes, teeth & bones. A boy named Yosyp Petroyovych Shevchenko from Cherkasy, whose own own human flesh was discarded to run wild among the feral ghouls.

// A playlist for my ghoul imago & cannibal OC, Yosyp P. Shevchenko.
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24 tracks
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