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something for the longing


Sarah Records 1987 – 1995
“The world barely turns without you.” - Brighter

This is my humble tribute to the incomparable Sarah Records. Sarah Records was and still is special in so many ways to so many twee beating hearts all over the world, including mine.

23 tracks
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Sarah Records to me is independence, friendship, secret crushes, first kiss, last love, longing, sunny day rain, rainy day sunshine, autumn rendezvous, holding hands, awkward first dates, dancing with two left feet, eternal youth and all the things that fill the deepest pockets of our hearts and stir our emotions in the way that only a special label can. And they do it with grace by bringing us pop songs of the highest order that stills stand the test of time to this day. On this mix you’ll find some of my favorites from Sarah. Just in case you’re wondering…the band that turned me on to Sarah was The Field Mice. What band turned you on to Sarah?