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Thank you!!! Yeah, Little Red Riding Hood, or just Red Riding Hood was this other ship name someone used to address them. Oh, and I'm awfully sorry for not answering in a reply!!! I'm not all that great at using this app yet. XD

Oh hey, thank you so much! Yeah, I'm well aware of that. This mix was supposed to be both sides, you know? So, of course I had to include the Beatles in there! Even if the Socs or the greasers didn't like them, I still would have left it there, because, hey, it fits. I understand where you are coming from when it comes to "Bad Enough for You" but, I think it does. I know he is bad and everything, but when Steve's cousin came into town, he acted decent and watched his swearing. So, he was completely capable of acting that way towards Cherry, but he didn't. I don't know. Maybe that's just my perspective on it. Thank you again, though! This really means a lot to me. Also, I'm glad to hear you ship it as well! Us Winlance/Little Red Riding Hood shippers are pretty rare. :)

You're welcome! Yeah, I realized after I posted that comment that the song fit Cherry *the Soc*. So sorry about that. But when I was listening to the mix for some reason it seemed like it was all from Dallas' POV (it was the middle of the night ;D ). And with your explanation about "Bad Enough for You," I feel like I have a better grip on Dallas' character! And huh, never heard it called the Little Red Riding Hood ship before. (?)

Again, you are amazing! Keep making mixes!

This is a brilliant mix! Loved it. Just noticed two things: One, I personally loved the Beatles song, but the book says, "They [the Socs] liked the Beatles and thought Elvis Presley was out, and we [the Greasers] thought the Beatles were rank and that Elvis was tuff"--so Dally probably wouldn't like this on his mix (even if it fits him). :) And I also liked the "Bad Enough for You" song, but it doesn't seem to fit the Winlance relationship to me, because Dallas IS a bad boy. He wasn't just doing that to get Cherry's attention.

Otherwise, this mix is perfect, and I absolutely love it. It's great when you're listening to a mix and every song is just spot-on for the subject matter. Thank you! (And here's a shoutout from one Dally/Cherry fan to another!)