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Someone stole your sweetroll?

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Calm and ambient music from Skyrim and Oblivion

Mostly piano covers

  • Minstrels Lament by The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Track 5
  • skyrim far horizons by london philharmonic orchestra
  • Skyrim Theme/The Dragonborn Comes by piano cover
  • The Bannered Mare by Gurnison
  • Skyrim by Age of aggression / oppression + dovahkiin
  • Alls Well by Jeremy Soule
  • Secunda (Skyrim) by Mimi Page
  • Skyrim Cover by Tale of the Tongues
  • Skyrim Cover by Age of Aggression
9 tracks
6 comments on Someone stole your sweetroll?

This mix is ridiculously beautiful and perfect! Good to listen when you need to consentrate on something and actually get things done (uwu)