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could not - could never believe in


I am their defenseless host.
Through my open wounds they let themselves in.
Sheltered, they mock me.

(lapis mix set around friendship with steven and horrible interactions with jasper towards the end, and. so on. i've fallen hard.)

12 tracks
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I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that thinks of Lapis when I hear Neglected space.. it's literally perfect for her.

once again you blew this right out of the water (pun semi intended). the janky yet surreal-calm is a really bewildering experience but i think its right on point. your first track was INCREDIBLY strong as an intro and honestly fits so so well. I love your music choices so much. There's this background childlike nature thats mixed with more weighted tones that kind of remind me of parts of akira and kaiba. It's really got a lot of stuff swimming under the surface here.