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i don't really care for games


Instrumental Manami fst

The concept is song remixes that 1) are from games i think Manami would have played (even if not really liking them much) and 2) sound like Manami, legitimately trying to still keep a progression that sounds like Manami here.

It was mostly a joke at first because I had this one remix of a Castlevania 64 song I loved and thinking about Manami masochistically playing that made me fall in too far. All the songs are on ocremix! Check 'em out.

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chess i really loved this playlist but i especially adored your annotations on each song, but after the loveliness of the Yume Nikki song the last song loaded and i read the annotation and snorted real loud

Whoa. I wasn't sure what to expect when i listened to this but it definitely wasnt anything i thought of! I really enjoyed listening to this, though your notes on each track were the highlight (and, surprisingly, the colours of your cover image). I don't know much about older video games but I like what you had to say, and i felt it brought something extra and relatable to the tracks. I REALLY liked the notes on the Yume Nikki track, as well as the song, and i think that one felt really special in comparison to the others. :0 It was a really cool story, thanks for making this mix!

@StarHost oooh my goodness, I didn't expect such a nice comment on such a self-indulgent mix! I'm really really grateful, thank you so much. I'm glad you liked the notes on the Yume Nikki track because that was actually my favorite addition to the fst as both a track and a game. I got really emotional thinking about Manami playing it and ... suffocating reminders but also the feeling that they can actually leave out the door now and how kind of triumphant that is in of itself. Yume Nikki makes me really sad but I'd like to think maybe Manami would be able to get good out of it. I really want Manami to be able to get good out of things. (I'm super attached to Manami playing sequels of games that were much better, like the whole idea of when your extended family gets you games but doesn't really know anything about it and you can't go out to choose yourself even if you really /wanted/ to). I'm going on too much now, I just really enjoy thinking about all this ... gah, anyway, thank you for giving this mix a chance at all!

@Chessterfield No trouble at all! Honestly your explanations and ideas behind some of this sound (if you'll excuse me) quite personal? And i think one of the reasons i really enjoyed it is because of that. You sound like you know what youre talking about when it comes to the immobility/isolation associated with chromic illness. Sorry if thats intrusive or anything, its just a very nice feeling