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Random Signals and Noize


Mostly Noizecore.
Challenge yourself by trying to endure the whole playlist.

  • Atomic Bastards (Terror Mix) Militia Cell & AAR by Deterrent Man & Disco Cunt
  • Leipzig Terror Squad by Disco Cunt & Sacrifice
  • CrippleFight by zac-2
  • No 4 To The Floor by Zombieflesheater
  • PASSENGER OF SHIT by Passenger of Shit
  • Fuck Authority [Remix by Lencen 2005] by Noize Punishment
  • VWT Simulacropolis by VWT
  • Plosive Sanctuary by Government Alpha
  • 2k9 by Ambassador21
  • TerrorMasta by Terrormasta
  • All Systems Go by Kurwastyle Project
  • Hajnal 2 by Venetian Snares
  • MPH by Bong-Ra
  • [COMPLETE] Hell of an Asshole by komprex
  • geist by drumcorps
  • Ravescar (Shitmat Remix) by Ceephax
  • Rotator & Kids Return by samire
  • Frank Valdor Roppongi Partymix (edit) by LOLI RIPE
  • Ming the Merciless (Kid606 Remix) by Akira Kiteshi
  • Tard Chicken by ScreamerClauz
  • Incoming by Angerfist
  • doe eens ff rustig (210 BPM) by Noisekick
  • Mr Mutilator by Al Core
  • Rubberduck (2013) by Neophyte & Nosferatu
  • Scotch Circus by DJ Scotch Egg
  • The Price Is Right (Out Now!!!) by The Outside Agency
  • Act Of God (Break Neck Mix) [Thunderdome Anthem 2008] by Endymion & Nosferatu
  • Nemesis by Disco Cunt Feat. Lucretia
28 tracks