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Vir Solas'an


A Solas playlist. From the end of Arlathan to present day Thedas, including his romantic relationship with Lavellan. I've seen a lot of playlists from Lavellan's perspective but this is from Solas's.

I have a lot of feelings about his story, I empathize way too much with the outcasts and rebels. But his arch is about empathy. If you listen and are thoughtful he is your friend, your companion, your lover. But if you refuse to see the world from another perspective he won't decide to see it from yours. One of my favorite things is when he admits he's wrong when arguing with Sera. If he truly was the embodiment of Pride he wouldn't have so much empathy. This is my first 8 tracks playlist but there will be more Dragon Age themed ones in the future. I can tell.

9 tracks
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