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The Kingdom of Bards


This mix represents the mysterious Kingdom, where the old legends become real, and the reality is not what it seems to be. Perfect for studying or reading some historical/fantasy novel.

*cover Minas Tirith by John Howe

35 tracks
6 comments on The Kingdom of Bards

This is such a charming mix! Builds up an actual medieval atmosphere, unlike most other mixes that just blare 'epic' fantasy soundtracks. :)

Ooh, I just realised! This is like a calmer, happier version of your earlier mix, The Forgotten Kingdom.. Maybe this could be a sequel - or a prequel if you want to be dystopian. The joyous and prosperous Kingdom of Bards that was ravaged by war and destruction, becoming The Forgotten Kingdom... There you go, better than most modern fantasy already! Loving this mix more with every track, thanks :)

@pkmob Thank you a lot for your comment! Well, this could be a sequel to the previous mix, you're right. However, I didn't connect them in such way, but your idea is very interesting! Actually, I also don'y like intensive and dynamic epic fantasy mixes, because this music is more background for my reading that some motivation stuff.