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we are all a little fucked up.


depression, self harm, and suicide.

please stay with us.
music is here for you.
it always will be.

here are the songs that keep me from cutting.
i hope it helps in some way.

16 tracks
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My god. This is perfect... these songs used to describe me, but I realized life has so much more to offer then more pain. Yea, it's true, we all are a little fucked up, but we need to hold on. Hold on, sweetie. You can get through this, I sure did. Stay strong.

I can't believe 670 people have listened to this mix and 62 have actually liked it and nobody bothered to say anything about the description.

Girl, whatever you're going through hope you get out of it soon. Just know it's not worth it. Get up, walk ahead and leave the bad days behind, learn from them and smile. I know it sounds too easy compared to how it actually feels but it's worth trying. I believe in you!

And this is a very nice mix!! Have a nice day wherever you are :)