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A young scientist enlists in his country's war hoping one man could make a difference. His hopes are realized. And, ultimately, realized again.

What kind of person can live as a bomb? One that has to bomb bigger bombs OBVIOUSLY

I formally apologize for not enough songs with horse or fire in the title

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I can't handle how incredible this mix is. Satan & St. Paul and Rivertown are the best. And I am so, so glad you included Everybody Wants to Rule the World. That song's always made me think of Roy. Also, the one liners. "MULTITASKING REVENGE" XD

this whole mix is perfect. like tattoo-it-on-myself perfect. it made me incredibly emotional and i love the one-liners you provide for context — they honestly made me see a few long familiar songs in a new light. you did a fantastic job.

Ive been listening to this track for the last week and I must say, it is fantastic for starting a personal revolution as well (against homework, mostly). Fantastic mix. Thank you!

@darundik I'm so glad you like it! It's good for my workday too. Sometimes you just gotta get pumped and TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY songs are a good way to do it.