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you, or: all i might lose in the retaking

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@chlorobezene You're welcome ^^! The chapter 72 killed me a little too. I'm EruRi shipper (and another friends) recently and never, never, never, I've felt these emotions with another fiction pairing. The EruRi fandom should warn how painful is to support the love of these two old gay men xD.

@DeliriumTremens /@DeliriumTremens /high five I FEEL YOU SO MUCH gdi I didn't sign up for this Isayama now I just want to read happy family AUs forever uuughhh (PS: do you have a Tumblr I can follow? /o/)

@chlorobezene Yes, I have account tumblr, but I've never dared to publish anything because my english is pretty bad (I only speak spanish and german fluently). Although perhaps I encourage me finally and go posting pictures of my creations of antique dresses, my cosplays and manga/anime trash of course xD. Do you have a Tumblr? I could follow you if you want :D!

@DeliriumTremens don't worry, I'm not a native speaker either and my English gets super messy at times :P I do have a Tumblr! It's and if you want to follow me that'd be awesome (no pressure though!) just let me know and I'll follow you back /o/