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A King's Burden


So this playlist is sad because the burden of a crown is a heavy one. Though it does get better towards the end as time heals all wounds.

15 tracks
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@Chlstarr What will you do with your life, now that you know that you have this power inside you? Only Kingdom Hearts could make a game where mickey mouse is a powerful and secretive plot device and character. *shakes head at how invested she is in, what is essentially, a final fantasy/Disney friendship fic with multiple OC's*

@clockworkclown Oh I already know what to do with it...I will use it to make more people CRY! And so far so good I'm already doing that over on FF.Net with my Kingdom Hearts and Undertale crossover story Hearts and Souls Are The Same Thing Down Here. Having to leave a certain goat mom behind is always heartbreaking, but I did manage to make it a bittersweet goodbye really. Funny thing is, Mickey's always been a BAMF, but only in the comics really. Though Runaway Brain is the main exception of all the cartoons(he made a squeege sound like a reloading machine gun for Pete's sake!). Oh I know right? Disney could've done a better crossover in the Mario universe, they both wish on stars for crying out loud! But whatever, The World Ends With You managed to land a small spot in it at least, but I doubt Mallow and Geno or Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross, could. Le sigh~

I can't believe you made me cry over Mickey Mouse. That is too much power for one person to have. (also reminding me about the aqua abandonment theory...I die)

@clockworkclown I can't believe I managed to make SOMEBODY cry over Mickey Mouse, and now I'm in awe that I suddenly have that power, and I'm proud of it because I love the little guy so much. Oh, but I had to remind people, its a pretty good theory for now until we find out for sure, though a good chunk of evidence leads to it anyway. And if its any consolation, congrats on being the third person to comment on any of my playlists.^.^

@Chlstarr Such a great and terrible power! King Mickey is such an interesting character and knowing that the truth is coming with 2.8 is SO EXCITING. does this also count as the fourth comment? ;D

@clockworkclown It is terrible isn't it? HE totally is so interesting, and I can't wait for 2.8 either! Yes, it does count. The other two people who have replied never replied back after I told them their respective placements of commentators.;p